This type of epoxy provides a thin coat of epoxy resin over concrete, in order to protect the concrete and provide an easily cleaned and professional looking surface in a variety of colors.


Epoxy Quartz flooring consists of several layers of clear epoxy resin that has colored quartz sand embedded in it for a decorative floor and has a high gloss, chemical resistant, clear top-coat for protection.


Epoxy Flake flooring is a decorative epoxy flooring consisting of a layer of epoxy resin that has colored vinyl flakes embedded in it, covered by a high gloss, chemical resistant, clear top coat for protection.


Urethane Concrete is a heavy duty polyurethane flooring system that is perfect for demanding industrial environments.


MMA floors are some of the quickest resin flooring options to install, with full curing times of only 1-2 hours, which is perfect if you must resurface your floor quickly, with minimal down-time for your business.



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